Stupid, stupid, stupid, mummble-mummble-mummble, inaudible curses and prayers. Hey, you, do you know where we are? I'm completely mother fucking lost out here. It's like I headed South when I was supposed to have been headed North, or some shit. Wrong turn, wrong plan, wrong map altogether. God ditched me in Chicago. Him and that black-haired, black-hearted son of a witch. And all the people I ask on dates are full of shit and scared stiff. Poor puppy. All scared of their own shadow. Ooga-booga. And I think there's something in my eye. Can you see it? It's an eyelash, I think. Fuck. Get it out.

If you're looking for confirmation, I'll go ahead and confirm. Yes. You guessed it. I'm really, really, really, really smart. God help me, because I sure as Hell can't help it. I can't help myself. When you spend your whole life inside, reading books and drawing pictures, you end up living the dream. I never once cheated. I was always true. And now, for the happy ending . . .

I wish you frog-faced freaks knew what was happening in your heads. It's fucking disgusting. Good thing there's a mop and a bucket. And good thing there's plenty of blood to spare. And good thing forgiveness is a big part of love. And good thing my heart, my heart, my heart. Is roaring. You may never again witness this natural wonder. Enjoy it while the world's still White.

I'm going to drink some water
Put the red back in my hair
Connect with my Fox totem
and go to fucking bed.

Good Night, America.

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