Ding-dong, the witch's bread. Fox in the henhouse. So cut off her head. What is a two-letter word that isn't "ox", that connects "bull" to "magician"? I tried "Ra" over and over and over again. One day, maybe, it'll work. Poor old Ra . . . This is my post-therapeutic first glance at everything. As always, no diploma. This is life, this is life, this is life, this is life. This is life. I read somewhere that my lucky number is 5, so I added a fifth.

The total eclipse.

There was a total eclipse over the Asian continent on the the day I fell on that wine glass and received my half of the stigmata. Literally . . . maybe also metaphorically, and metaphysically. And then they bombed the moon for water. Such and such.

That must have been the other half.

Funny, because. There's a movie called "Total Eclipse". It's 1 of a total of 7 (or 8) DVDs in my DVD collection. It's about 1 of my favorite poets - Rimbaud (duh) - some maniac genius who dreamt about the African sun until he finally went and found it. They called him the "terrible infant", because he was too young and too good. He was young forever. He must have been looking for Ra too . . . So maybe Ra's still out there, somewhere . . . Waiting . . .

Anyway, Rimbaud was played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who also starred in . . .

Growing Pains.

Speaking of which. One time, these two ancient civilizations had been warring for 3 years, and a total eclipse did it's thing in the sky overhead, and the war stopped. They thought it was suddenly night. They thought the sky was offering them a diamond ring. So they all put down their dumb weapons and thought, "I do."

A name I'd been trying to figure out turned out to be something easy. Everything but dull in a tone deaf ear. And the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is by Bonnie Tyler. Wrong name. Go figure! And do I have to drag it with me? And do I have to drag it with me? And do I have to drag it with me? Can Delphinius do it for me? I beg your pardon. I thought I meant to say "Delphinus" . . . Will you ask him for me? Actually, wait . . . What am I actually dragging? The deer was never dead? It doesn't die? Oh . . . Somehow that makes sense. I guess I'm empty-handed . . . Who-Ra! Who-Ra! Genie in a bottle, etc.

Well, so, does the deer have a name?

Now, bitch. To find that out, you just have to be Faster Than the Speed of Night.

My brain, Great Spirit, my brain! It's so pink and girly.

You made it that way, Great Spirit. Remember?

Watch how Asia sleeps beneath you.

And the Western front?

All's quiet.

Good Knight.

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