one to replace another:

video -> vireo
tangerine -> tanager
curly -> curlew

a thrasher. a chat. i shouldn't have whipped poor will. a stint. a rail. i'm the widow of ole' chuck-will. it'll take a while. i'm angry. this is my unrelenting, cold-steel scream in the face a demon mother's six hundred and sixty-sixth demon son. it's a trick of the light, a tick on the crown of my head. the urbanites meet at the commons and talk like sick toads. they say the old hag lived to be twenty-six. she never went anywhere. she never left home. she'd lay still and allow ants to crawl all over her skin. they'd get up into her nose. nary a trickle of mucus. never an ahchoo. no "god bless you". ants in her nose, crawling up her tubes, up into the wrinkled grey of her brains. she watches a man - many men. she watches them run to elders, watches them as they ask a wealthy neighbor to heave a solution from a leather-bound reference guide. so long as they're running, she says. they crave the book's binding over its concept, she says. they all spiral towards sunday, she says. they marry prostitutes, she says. they give birth to hogs.

they see a bird, not a young starling.

chew before you swallow. are you heron this? red-shouldered, gold-crested, gone "cuckoo". goodbye. loud, crazy laughter haunts the lakeshore all winter. you are being mocked. you are constantly being mocked.

see me. i'm here. where are you?

away! ... away! ... away we go!
okalee! ... okalee! ... o!


Brannan Denney said...

i can't wait until the end of december, 2012!

K. Seagraves said...

me neither. it'll be like having two birthdays in one year.