I dreamt, last night, about a few of the things I'd like to do this summer: visit the Sears Tower, see a killer whale, and stick my toes in the ocean. In my dream, I was in Chicago, in a cab that was passing right beneath the Sears Tower, and there was something sticky and purple that was spreading across the entire city, through the air. We were desperate to escape, but I didn't want to leave without knowing where Taylor and Andy were. I was in a panic, thinking we needed to turn around and find them, but the cab driver ignored me. We kept driving. We drove to a marine park, but they had locked their gates. They were tall and blue. So, back to the cab - driving fast. The purple slime had spread south. We drove straight to the ocean, and upon arrival, Taylor and Andy were already there with their feet in the tide. The beach was deserted, but the boys seemed happy. I stepped in and a huge wave swept over me. I was up to my neck in saltwater. It took me less than a few seconds to realize that I was now surrounded by hermit crabs. That tide had somehow absorbed every hermit crab from the Atlantic and puked them onto the one stretch of shore I happened to be standing on. I started to scream, I fled, but everywhere I moved there were more crabs. All I wanted was to get away from the water and sand, but I couldn't find the boardwalk anywhere.

I woke up in a decent mood. I must have done something right, at some point. I guess I just can't remember everything.

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