If I were a boy, I'd be shy and mysterious.
If I were a boy, I'd be charming. Smart charming.
If I were a boy, I'd stay clean while painting.
I'd be delicate and eccentric. Funny. Laugh easy.
Big white stars in my boy-eyes. Ideals. Variety.
I'd have boyfriends. I'd have girlfriends.
I'd have a wife and a son. I'd like cats.
My work would be concept-heavy and bright.
Glamorous garbage, tin cans, taxidermy. The gift of life.
I'd be insightful - a visionary. Me and my lover(s).
Dating clever women, passionate men, my opposites.
I'd have a heart condition. Libra cusp. Very prone.
And though it effects none of the above,
the little puzzle of my persona,
I must admit that I am not the man
you think I am.

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