Signifier: Page of Cups

A young person who brings a message of love
Naivete and vulnerability in matters of the heart
Willing to take an emotional risk
Willing to give it my all

Situation At Hand: The Chariot

I must learn to make bipartisan decisions
I must resolve the issue in my own mind
I must bring all parts of myself together

Obstacle: Temperance

I must remain patient
I must wait for things to develop in their own time

What Is Known Objectively: Death (reversed)

I am putting off necessary changes
I must experience metamorphosis

Past Influences Affecting the Situation: 4 of Cups

Apathy and withdrawal
Let-down after a great build-up

Past Influence That Is Fading Away: Knight of Cups

Blind infatuation

Influence Coming Into Being: Justice

I must be willing to make concessions
I must seek guidance from the inner-self rather than from human advisors
Enjoy the calm before taking action
(Third party could present a fair outcome)

Current State of Mind: The Sun

The dawning of a new day
The past is now bearing fruit
Optimism, prosperity

Living Situation: Queen of Cups

I must learn to use mature judgment and intuition to resolve conflict
I must be patient, I must be kind

What I Both Want and Fear: 4 of Pentacles

I do not want to feel that I must always keep myself well-guarded, but I do out of fear
I do not want to feel as if I must always be prepared for failure and loss, but I do out of fear
I cannot hang on in such an inflexible manner
If I do not overcome this mental block, I will miss opportunities for happiness
I should not fear change

Likely Outcome: 9 of Cups

"The wish card"
My dreams will come true

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