I've just been looking out the window at clouds for a while now, and I've seen so many things. I saw two people driving a chariot. They were being chased by a vicious spectral dog! A plane flew by, small and fast. "Zippidy-doo!" it said before disappearing. "Pardon me!" and he was gone.

Now a dancing troupe goes by in ceremonial garb. They pass by with an eloquence the chariot hadn't possessed. These dancers were light and dainty: the mass of any limber dancer who dances on Earth.

Here comes something tremendous! Maybe a whale, or bigger! (And zip-zap! Here's another plane! Zip-zim!) The giant head of a bear! He's looking right, but drifting left. Suddenly, he decides to pull off his mask backwards and become a man. An old man in a cabby hat! He smokes a pipe in front of a canal, and behind him a gondola passes under an arched bridge. Maybe the Bridge of Sighs! We must have been in Venice!

Another plane flies by after the Venetian man and his meditative scene had passed. The plane, this time center stage, somehow seems to move with more a plan, with more precision.

A few Chimney Swifts chase over a giant spilt egg - frying pan-ready. How ironic ...

Oh, now something sizzles like an omen. A gassy aura ushers in ...

... Well, I wait but nothing comes. Just some debris kicking past, I guess. But it seemed so foreboding at first! Oh well ...

Ah-hah! But a figure lurks behind a distant tree! I knew it! I reposition myself in my chair - I'm on alert. What or who could it be loitering back there?

Oh, only a tropical fish. It's opacity fades towards the tail end. Just a fish. The dark head of one, anyway.

More careless planes. God, I'd hate to be a plane. They're as dumb as ants.

Blue, blue, blue. You forget it's not the ceiling you're staring at.

Oh! There's something right above me! A pair of dissected lungs. Is this some kind of message? I wonder ... about nicotine ... Yes ...

Now the smoke from my cigarette, I know, will waft up there and stir some great image from the clouds already in attendance. As a great, long crocodile swims by, snout and brow just slightly above the water, now I must wait ...

Here comes something! Now, whatever it is, this one MUST be mine! Oh, a young boy in repose, heels kicked up and relaxing. What rest! I liked that one. He scarcely noticed the pest of the plane that buzzed by.

But now finally I've grown bored. I don't want to watch and wait anymore, so I think I'll end in this blue. If I were to mix this exact blue in paint pigments, I'd start with a base of Cerulean blue, add some warm gray, and a dab of cool yellow. But I won't have to, because I have an infinite amount of this color right now.

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