An excerpt from my 2008 dream diary.

I'm engaged in some kind of argument with Lauren, set at a restaurant. A few people from school are present and watching. I'm with a boy I don't know. He is tall, muscular build, dark hair, dressed casually. I'm comfortable with him, but have a few uncertainties - we seem to be in some kind of relationship that I am not satisfied with. I don't remember what else happened at the restaurant. Outside, we run from a school - it felt like Memphis Collage of Art, but looked more like the Memphis pyramid merged with the Pink Palace, very green woods beyond. We're were fleeing the school, running towards this hill that sloped down into a lake. We are warned to get off the hill, but we stay on our path and descend the hill anyway. A little girl is sent to chase after us. The sky looks intense, and everything seems to be caught between a gloomy, hazy-purple darkness and an eerie orange-white light. There are loons in the lake. At first, I see only one. Then, many. A large group of them, some that look normal and some without white bands on their necks, and some with very short bills. They're rising up from the water slowly, head and neck first, like whales coming up to breathe. This boy and I run to the bottom of the hill to get closer to the loons. At the bottom, there's this clearing on a small piece of land - like a jetty of sorts. It feels watery, and I may have still been able to see the lake beyond it, but it wasn't as pronounced as it had been. The clearing looked a little like a brighter, more grassy de Chirico landscape. Or Dali, at the risk of sounding like an idiot. Kind of barren and surreal, with little plateaus that rose up to form all sorts of platforms, like small stages - now, thinking about it, it reminds me of a still life set-up. In this landscape, directly in front of us, we see a lot of animals. Amongst them, a baby mammoth and a baby elephant, a Canada Goose with its wings outstretched, a loon all curled up and feathery (not slick, like they normally are), a bright red wolf that looked almost like a cartoon. I noticed they seemed to be arranged in such a way that a prehistoric animal was standing, crouching, or laying next to its modern-day ancestor. The groups began to transition. A set of animals would disappear and a new set would take their place. While I'm watching this, I'm standing very close to this boy. My arm is wrapped around his, and we're holding hands. I wrap my other arm around him and the tips of our fingers touch very gently.


Brannan Denney said...

i like reading this one, i am visualizing the animals. okay, so i am going to tell you the word i have to type in order to post this comment: "gisses"

Brannan Denney said...

and the next word: "malisk"
kisses and malice
malicious kisses