TERRITORY, prose poem from a year ago? two years?

Now I know you, and I was born here today - the second coming of Leopold, springing forth from an inland sea to bloody my breast upon a crown of thorns. I am your monster, your mite, your thrilling, acute episodic dysphoria. However obtuse, however dangerous, however much I make men tremble, I am your pet. And now I know you.

Now I know you, and I'll set an army against God before watching you go blind. Take me by the collar, if you will, and set me off in the direction of the mountain. Let me knead the core from all flora, all fauna, and deliver them to you slowly, every rich and glistening mouthful. Living proof. And I'll lend everything to you, everything, everything, until your sentiments crumble beneath the extraterrestrial weight of such extraordinary color. And I'll bang the piano, I'll BANG the piano, I'LL BANG THE PIANO until you hear the spectacle of life ringing through the dark. And now I know you.

I know you as one second to flood the cosmos. I know you as I know infinity, everything, perpetuating outwards, moving all over, all at once, expanding on and on and on ... and you, I know you. I know you as an embryotic idea, untouched and feral, treading water in an animal womb. I know you here today, my birthday, as I come up chanting, as I come up laughing, thrashing, calling out for a wand and a red ring, someone to kiss and someone to kill, a monument, a monument, a monument and a home.

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