// Self-pity is lavish. The truly diligent, the truly steadfast and driven, have unlearned such petty habits.

// For those seeking fame, instead adopt a genuine interest in honesty. In candidness. In charity, in human rights, in social justice. Be overtly idealistic and covertly practical.

// When you're overwhelmed, examine your own individual, emotional history in the context of all human history, toss your baggage and keep moving.

// Don't complicate your ideology for the sake of complicating your ideology. Avoid fragility. Keep it simple. Keep it strong. Stay open and alert.

// Everything is at least kind of funny, in some way.

// Consider this notion of "respect". Keeping the peace at your own expense may seem noble, but don't let it become routine. Don't peg yourself as the martyr for your own selfish causes.

// Imagine your life as a tragicomedy in however-many acts. Isn't it nice? The epic, the mundane, all of it.

// Be wary of people who don't like music and animals.

// Love is real and important. Love as much as you can, and do it in earnest.

// Understand your limitations conceptually. You'll find that they're pretty malleable, so take risks.

// Beware of hero worship.

// Stand behind your convictions, but be willing to compromise.

// Most of the things you want but don't need are just a real, tangible approximations of some idea or standard that was probably never uniquely yours to begin with. Look out for cultural memes. Try not to feel as if you ever really own anything.

// Racism (and all other genres of bigotry) probably sprung from sexism way back when, so try liking women. Like, as equals. Call off the witch hunt. Curb that pioneering, "conquer and seize" initiative. Don't consciously seek out a submissive partner. Don't patronize anyone.

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